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Product Label Initial Impressions

The reaction that an individual has when looking at an image is their personal perception of that visual. In many instances, preference plays a role in whether an individual continues to look and take in the image or whether they move on in search of something more interesting. In the case of product labels, companies use factors such as photos, color, text, and layout to attract consumers. The image of the Harpoon Brewery’s UFO White label, the company uses their brand name “UFO” to distinguish their product from others, and uses factors such as color (white, blue, orange), the name of the specific beer, and image of an orange to differentiate this product from other products that they carry.

As the Helmers reading states a viewer’s initial impression is partially based on the image itself but it also based on preference. Although a viewer may admire the visual impression that they receive from the label, if they are not interested in the product itself, the viewer would quickly lose interest. My initial reaction of the label is that it is eye catching visually and contains elements that interest me. The colors used in the label as well as the images and text give an impression of being clean and light.

In terms of context, the label was likely created by a designer hired by the Harpoon Brewery to design all of its labels. All of the UFO brand product use the same layout for their labels which minimal changes for each individual product such as color, small images, and product name. Because the label has continuously been placed on distributed products for this brand since its conception, it provides consumers with a sense of familiarity. The image gives consumers an idea of what they can expect from the product and serves its intended purpose of identifying the product.

UFO White Label



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