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Symbolism from Josef Albers

In our everyday lives, we encounter symbolism in many different forms. Some symbolism may be instantly recognizable while other times an individual may have to look deeper and think critically about the underlying meaning of what they are viewing. Joseph Albers’ murals, Growth and Youth, located at the Rochester Institute of Technologies’ George Eastman building … Continue reading

Visual Music

Graphic designer, Burton Kramer recently gave a lecture at the Rochester Institute of Technology and although I did not attend the lecture I did have the opportunity to visit the exhibit of his work at the University Gallery. Upon entering the gallery it became clear that I had not done my research on the designer … Continue reading

Product Label Initial Impressions

The reaction that an individual has when looking at an image is their personal perception of that visual. In many instances, preference plays a role in whether an individual continues to look and take in the image or whether they move on in search of something more interesting. In the case of product labels, companies … Continue reading